All Cultures Together Through the Arts

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Artistas Unidos - Artists United is a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary community forum for the benefit of all residents of Monterey County. We are dedicated to providing an environment for artists from all cultures in Monterey County to create and display or perform their works. The goal of Artistas Unidos - Artists United, as a nonprofit public benefit organization, is to promote intercultural understanding and communication through the arts with Salinas as the focal point.

We encourage people of all cultures to work together in our community, to better understand each other, to celebrate our cultural differences, and to address our common cultural concerns. Our program forges and strengthens bonds between residents from varying backgrounds, and benefits the fundamental groups in Monterey County: familial, cultural, and communal.

In order to break down cultural barriers in our area, we utilize all disciplines in the arts to provide a venue for local artists to communicate as a group, and use this forum to share their messages with the entire community.

As one of the only arts organizations in the Monterey Bay Area to host an Artist in Residency Program, Artistas Unidos - Artists United contributes to awareness of community diversity by hosting artists from around the world to live and work in our area and provide workshops for all interested residents.

Through our programs, Artistas Unidos - Artists United acts as a catalyst in fostering positive community relationships, both personal and professional, in which cultural awareness, inter-religious respect, and gender equality are strengthened. In this manner, we bring Salinas and Monterey County communities together through the power of the arts.

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