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Trish Triumpho Sullivan, a Monterey Bay, California sculptor and photographer, has been focusing on in-camera double exposure photography for five years.  She uses both black and white and color film, and does not manipulate the images after the fact – in the darkroom or in the computer.  

"While existentially nervous, the work possesses the gritty clarity of the irresolvable.  It keeps turning out to be about something other than what it apparently being said," comments one critic.

“I have had a great deal of fun creating this series of in-camera special effects,” she exclaims.   Using both an inexpensive Holga point-and-shoot camera and a vintage Ansco camera to take the photographs with, Sullivan discovers interesting shapes during everyday situations.   Subjects are often buildings, or other construction, though the artist also finds significant images in natural settings. 

“I always use film to create my photographs and compose the images in the camera,” Sullivan states, “I don’t manipulate the pictures on the computer afterwards.  For me, this is the challenge.  The reward is the surprise that comes when the film is developed – sometimes the images are much better than I had imagined, and other times they are duds.  Photography  is always fun, new, and unusual – that is what I hope for the viewer to experience, too.”  

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