Times 2

This series of photographs focuses on double exposure images taken both locally and during travels with my vintage Ansco with a bellows lens. 

I compose each image in-camera, exposing the frame on my film twice. I do not utilize any computer image editing programs to change or enhanse my photogrphas.  Part of the interest and challenge of photography for me is to compose in the camera and end up with an image people will want to look at.

Many of these photographs are taken during my travels, both local and out of state.  I feel that most of the fun of travel is in the journey not the destination, and I invite the viewer to partake of a few of my journeys in photography.

"While existentially nervous, the work possesses the gritty clarity of the irresolvable.  It keeps turning out to be about something other than what it apparently being said," is the reaction of a local art critic.

Train Station 2 Train Station Skyline 2011
Sixth Avenue Chinatown Gate Downtown
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