Train Ninety-Nine

These photographs document a journey by train from Baltimore, Maryland to Boston, Massachusetts on Train Ninety-Nine during the
summer of 2004.  All of the photographs except the title shot were taken from inside the train itself.  It was the artist’s intention to capture
not only the sense of movement but the perception of train travel.  Using an inexpensive Holga camera, she employed the technique
of double exposure to convey the reflection of the train window and the sensation of viewing the same scene from varying perspectives
as the train passed by.

Train tracks run through America’s backyard, enabling the passenger to glimpse an alternative side of people’s lives.  
More relaxed than other modes of transportation, train travel gives one time to become acquainted with the countryside – an experience
both stress-free and appealing.  Traveling by train allows us the leisure to contemplate another face of America: the open side
of a construction site, a back garden, the city, a bridge from below, or the restoration of a church.  Imagine the possibilities! 

Train99 TrainCity TrainRiver
TrainStation Construction NewDorm
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