Vanity Plates

This series of hand-carved and glazed high-fired ceramic "vanity plates"  offer a humorous look at the vanity we all carry and wish to deny, as well as common names and objects that would be unusual as topics for license plate themes.  When the viewer takes the time to glimpse beneath the lighthearted first layer of these bas-relief sculptures, social and political commentaries can often be found.

"Recalls ominous moments of urban experience while subverting the relation between fantasy and reality," states one art critic.  Take a drive through the examples in this gallery and see if you agree.  The technique used required carving into damp clay, and applying a high fire under glaze after the initial firing.  The under glaze allows for bright color and food safe surface - sushi anyone?

VanaTee cordobaMosqueTN.gif (2657bytes) VanaTea
MissMay cordobaTableTN.gif (942bytes) VanaT
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