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The Palace


Photographs. June. 2012

4Word Art Gallery 222 Main Street Salinas

Public Reception,  07.06.12, 4pm-8pm  Refreshments, Free

Seattle Train Station

Times 2

Double Exposures. January.2011

Gilroy Center for the Arts 7341 Monterey Street Gilroy

Public Reception,  1.15.11, 4pm-7pm  Refreshments, Free


Double Trouble

Photographs & Sculpture. March 2009

Galeria Tonantzin 115 3rd Street San Juan Bautista, CA

Public Reception,  March 14, 5pm-8pm  Tapas, Wine, Free

Oldenburg Pins, SF, 2007

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Photographs - January & Feburary. 2009 
Public Reception January 2, 2009 5pm-8pm
Bay Photo Lab Gallery 202 Monterey Street Salinas, CA


Palace Hardware - Hardware Palace

Photographs September-December. 2008

Blackstone Winery Gallery 850 South Alta Street Gonzales, CA

bailando con la muerte

Bailando con la Muerte X - 2008  call for artists

La Princesa

Bailando con la Muerte X: A Community Celebration

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Esse Quam Videri: To Be Rather than To Seem

Ceramic Sculpture/Mixed Media

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Los Reyes de Arcilla - The Monarchs of Clay

Ceramic Sculpture/Mixed Media

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Las Mesas de Andalucia

Ceramic Sculpture/Mixed Media

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One of Three: Forces to be Reckoned With

Mixed Media Sculpture


Tortilla Soup

Mixed Media Sculpture/Photographs


Train 99



Vanity Plates

Food-Safe Sculpture

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