Los Reyes de Arcilla

The Clay Monarchs

These masks represent many years of studying and exploring the use of masks. Throughout history, whether ceremonial or decorative, the mask has played an important role in every society. In the plays of ancient Greece, actors employed masks for characterization. Many cultures have used masks in religious rites or dances. The Romans made death masks, the Egyptians likenesses of their pharaohs for the sarcophagus. Subliminally, masks are part of our everyday life; we "mask" our feelings, we put on a "poker face", and our children wear masks for Halloween. This collection of masks is just a small portion of a larger whole. They are the result of combining the death and ceremonial mask using clay and mixed media to represent what I think of as the Royalty of Imagination. Part fantasy, part reality, these masks reflect both life and death. It is my intention that we see ourselves - our cultural past and future - with a sense of respect and a bit of humor. As the artist, I invite the viewer to savor and experience the art. Which mask would you put on today?

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Hear No Evil

Three Graces

Sea No Evil
Los Reyes Speak No Evil
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